Let Nothing Disturb Your Baby's Sleep


Mosquito screen doors and windows: To keep mosquitoes out of your house, install finest quality screens on doors and windows. Good quality insect screens allows natural ventilation and sunlight inside the room. These measures will prevent mosquitoes and fly insects from entering your home. And will let you enjoy the benefits of fresh air, day in and out.


Mosquito nets: Nets can be very effective if used well and the advantage is that, they have no negative health effects. If you share your bed with your baby, you can use a big net over your bed. Make sure to keep nets securely attached. Check to see that no mosquitoes are caught under the net.

If your baby sleeps in a cot next to your bed, you can use a separate cot net. However, keep in mind that cot nets can become ineffective if you are taking your baby out of his bed to feed or change a nappy several times a night.  Keep your baby’s cot, pram, stroller, and baby carrier covered with mosquito netting at all times, both indoors and outdoors.

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